Alcohol Consumption How much is enough ?

Alcohol Consumption How much is enough ?

As we start to go back into the routine of normal life, one area we can start to improve on is alcohol consumption. Here are the guidelines from the Dietitians Association of Australia
Tips when drinking alcohol

- Aim for two alcohol free days per week.
- When drinking alcohol, try to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.
- Alternate alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic drinks such as water or soda water.
- Try a wine spritzer with mineral or soda water instead of a full glass of wine.
- If having a glass of wine, don’t fill it to the top. One standard drink equals 100mL (less than half a cup).
- Avoid snacking on foods high in salt. Not only is too much salt unhealthy, but it can also increase the likelihood of having another drink.
- Avoid pre-mixed drinks with added sugars. These are very high in both kilojoules and sugars.
- Avoid mixing alcohol with energy drinks. The caffeine reduces your ability to manage your alcohol intake. This can lead to a higher risk of alcohol-related harm.

The trick is it all carries kilojoules so if working on a deficit diet maybe best to limit intake while working on your goal.

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