BAM Active - Who Are We?

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BAM Active - Who Are We?

BAM Active is an inspirational brand dedicated to empowering women.

But who are we? We are a close group of Australian women who saw an empty void in the women’s activewear market.

We saw activewear for smaller body shapes and sizes, but not really many options for plus sized women. We also noticed the excessive costs that some activewear brands charge.

A few of us discussed this together and decided to create a brand for ALL women. It doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, our activewear has been designed to be super comfy and look great on all women!

We are a group of women that believe in YOU. We believe that all women have the power to shape themselves and should feel comfortable in whatever they wear. BAM stands for Believe, Aim, Move.

We want to inspire you to BELIEVE in yourself. We want you to believe that you’re strong, beautiful, and in control of your own destiny. We want you to AIM for the stars. Always aim for positive goals, there is no challenge too great, you can do it! Most importantly, aim for happiness and self-love.

MOVE yourself towards positivity and happiness. You are the captain of your own ship, only you can steer yourself towards your goals and move closer to achieving success.

We know that moving on and letting go of the past or negative thoughts can be hard. But we are here for you! Always feel free to contact us to have a chat about whatever’s on your mind. You can contact us on our site on our Instagram or Facebook!!!

At BAM Active, we stock a wide range of women’s activewear for women of all shapes and sizes! We sell a variety of women’s crop tops. Our crop tops are a summer essential and are perfect for the gym or going for a walk with friends. Another summer essential are our BAM Active Shorts! Our shorts are high waisted and designed with a thick band for the ultimate support and ULTIMATE comfort.

Last, but certainly not least is BAM Active’s range of women’s tights! We’ve got full-length tights that are perfect for winter runs, gym workouts, or just relaxing at home. We’ve also got ¾ length tights that are ideal for those warmer months.

All of our activewear has been designed for women of all sizes and shapes. All of our activewear is made from ultra soft material for comfort and is super supportive! With moisture wicking and breathable fabrics, our activewear will keep you cool and dry while working out or on the go. 

So what differentiates us from other activewear brands and why should you choose us?

We care about women. We care about YOU. We care about your health, both physical and mental. We want to always be here to support women of all shapes in sizes. To support them achieve their best and always feel comfortable in whatever they’re wearing.

You can always contact us on any of our social channels for a chat or to ask questions about our products. Or alternatively, check out our website at and leave a message on our contact page!



BAM Active xxx

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