Bush walking and fresh air: Breathe in the goodness!

Bush walking and fresh air: Breathe in the goodness!

You know sometimes, the idea of going to a gym to do a workout honestly drives me insane. I grew up in a beautiful little beachside town in Far North Queensland. Now at this age (0-21) it was more about the sun baking rather than the squats and the sprints. But needless to say, fresh air and sunshine are kind of my thing. Team this up with a Fiancé who is OBSESSED with bush walking (he grew up in New Zealand and did a lot of it with his Mumma), and now there is suddenly a little bush walking monster taking over me!

We are FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) workers on a 2 week on & 1 week off roster. So each 1 week off we have, we try to get in at least 2 bush walks or mountain climbs. Whether it be 5km walk or a 5 hour walk, nothing is more satisfying than just being able to breathe in that beautiful clean fresh air.

Now don’t be fooled, some of these aren’t just your average walk in the park, look at the trees and listen to the birds. Whilst a lot of them do involve these, some tend to involve GIANT HILLS (seriously, there are days that I look at them and feel like I’m staring right up to the summit of Mount Everest!) and I get scared. Then I think of how accomplished I’m going to feel after climbing said Mount Everest hill.

So just a few benefits of getting outdoors and doing some exercise. Well my main one is

  1. BEAUTIFUL FRESH NON CITY AIR! (no offence to anybody that likes the city air, it’s just not for me.)
  2. The scenery, for me just being amongst the forest trees, or being up on a big hill looking down at whatever city or town surrounds or stumbling upon a giant quarry, its just awesome to be able to see something different every time, instead of looking at a mirror or a tv in the gym. This may not be for some people though, everyone is different.
  3. You can mix it up a bit, different locations every time and it's totally your decision. The bush, the beach, a mountain, your street, an esplanade, a city walk, cruise around a lake for the day, the list is endless!
  4. Bushwalks and mountain walks also come with grades. I'm not entirely sure about any other country but here they are graded for all fitness types. Easy - Hard : Grade 1 - Grade 5, making it perfect for anyone at any fitness level and also giving you the opportunity to get better and try tackling a higher grade or a longer walk.

So it's easy to give it a go. Head outside, clear your mind, climb a mountain, conquer the world. Take a bush walk, a moment to have a break, bathe in your surroundings, share it by yourself or take your friends. Grab the kids and find a nice easy track. Get outside and breathe in the goodness.

I guarantee you will love it! And if you know of any good little spots in Perth, Western Australia, please let us know - share a picture and tag us. We would love to see it.

-Tam xo


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