Greetings From Madame Foodie!

Greetings From Madame Foodie!

Madame Foodie is an innovative food delivery company! We believe that fresh, healthy food significantly contributes to your mental and physical wellbeing. Madame Foodie was founded in 2013 on the philosophy that you should always have a positive relationship with food.


Originally, Madame Foodie was focused on creating delicious meals for people who suffer from gluten and dairy intolerances. However, as we grew in popularity we recognised a high demand for detox and weight loss food programs.


Since then we’ve create a series of customised detox and weight loss programs. Our weight loss plan comes in a four day and six day program depending on your needs. We help break down your meals to increase your body’s metabolism.


At Madame Foodie we are thrilled to help people achieve their weight goals!


Our core goal’s are:


  • To always provide delicious and healthy meals to our customers!

  • To offer an innovative and diverse range of meal options for people with Gluten or Dairy Intolerances!

  • Through our meal preparation and delivery services help you work towards building a stronger, healthier and happier you!


We believe that being different is great! We’ve spent time aligning ourselves to cater for people seeking to make a positive change in their diet. We truly believe that food can help you align your mental and physical health.


What makes us different from our competition is our commitment to deliver only the best tasting and healthiest meals for you and your family. Our belief and passion for food is unique.


Our team at Madame Foodie is what makes us so special! We are so lucky to have so many great, hardworking, and passionate team members. With over 25 years in the food catering industry, each member of our team brings a unique skillset to the Madame Foodie group. To read more about our exceptional team click here >.


Since opening in 2013, we’ve expanding our meal delivery options to include Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinners! We’ve established a Family Meals range that is perfect to feed a family of 4. If your family is a hungry bunch we also provide a range of extra sides to ensure that everyone leaves the table full.


At Madame Foodie we also provide a Vegetarian range, Snacks and Special Package deals that change from month to month depending on produce. One of our most popular meal delivery options is the Detox and Weight Loss range. Our weight loss healthy meal range has helped many people before achieve their weight goals.


Our aim is to continue to provide the Sutherland Shire and other Sydney suburbs with the best tasting, healthiest, and easiest delivery service available! We want to continue to help transform people’s lives through our passion for food.


We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions please emails us on


We look forward to hearing from you!


The Madame Foodie Team xx

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