I Ate Too Much - What Do I Do Now?

I Ate Too Much - What Do I Do Now?

My approach to nutrition takes life into consideration and with years of experience of punishing yourself I realised (way too late) that this doesn't work.

We are all human, we all over eat, we all have times where you slip, end up at a buffet and have a food binge or blowout. You will pretty instantly feel the effects, you may feel bloated, stomach is hard, head aces and achieves and puffiness all over may be some results you may be experiencing. Depending on the type of food you overindulged, the likely hood of your scale weight to increase by 1-3 kgs is pretty high. Carbohydrate and sodium rich foods, hold onto water in your body which leads to the scale weight increasing over night significantly. Worse then the physical effects can be the guild attached to overindulging.

1. Where did those crazy cravings come from??

The energy you use feeling sorry for yourself, use that to have a think and see why you may have been having these food cravings. Some reasons that you could be having a blowout each week include: Restricting and starving throughout the week (and waiting for the weekend to roll over as an excuse to have a blowout) Poorly timed meals – eating too much during the day or not enough Eating beyond the point of hunger and emotional eating Did you know that a craving for salty food could actually indicate low levels of calcium? And if you’re craving something sweet, you might really need some magnesium-rich foods?!? Lets learn from our mistakes, and do a better job moving forward.

2. Go straight back into your normal nutritional plan

Don't think that starving yourself will resolve or undo the blow out. If you go into a few days of low calories you are setting yourself up for another overeating episode. This cycle can be avoided if you are going back into your normal prescribed macros or food guidelines you have been following. If you body goes into starvation mode, your metabolism will slow down and your body will use the smallest amount of energy possible. If you then (being super hungry) eat more then you usually would at you next meal, because well you are hungry and your body will signal you that. You may actually store the food as fat, rather then using it for energy. Going from fasted into massive blood sugar spikes,can lead to weight gain. Because at the end of the day all our body want is to survive. It doesn't care about loosing body fat - fun fact it actually doesn't likes loosing body fat and will fight you a little :)

This suggests the minute you do eat something substantial, you can actually gain weight. When you’re body is in a ‘fasted state’, your insulin (blood sugar) levels begin to drop, and when you finally do eat, your blood sugar spikes and your body reacts by storing and reserving fat as a mode of survival.

3. Stop stressing

The stress hormone cortisol and fatty foods go hand in hand. When we are stressed, or especially once we relaxed a little after a stressful period we tend to choose fatty, sugary foods. Its the link between increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol and higher insulin levels – chips and dips or chocolate cookie anybody?

4. Exercise - get your body moving!

Don't use exercise to “burn” the excess calories off, this leads into the punishing mindset and often results in this circle of overeating, starvation and overexercise to make up for it! Move to make yourself feel better! A walk, play in the park or a session in the gym can aid in digestion and helps mentally.

5. Stop - one cookie wont make you fat - as one salad wont make you skinny

If you have overindulged, and it may be the weekend or your kids birthday and you already have overeating. Its already too late - just have that pizza, wine and well you already overate pick up some dessert and have the whole tub of ice cream! NO!

Having one piece of cake is okay - but don't use that or any circumstance to let things spiral out of control. We are all human - we all eat a little bit too much sometimes. Thats fine - as long as its a little and sometimes. If you find yourself struggling often with nutrition, your mindset let me know and we can arrange some one on one coaching - or you simply may need some personalised prescribed macros to give you some more guidance along the way!

Jacqueline Chmura


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