Maintain Motivation!

Maintain Motivation!

As winter is in its full blown swing, the mornings are super dark and freezing or just pissing down with rain, I totally get that it can be hard to get out of your cosy warm bed. How the heck do you maintain motivation all the time? 

To be honest I don’t think you maintain motivation all the time. You will encounter periods and moments where you don’t feel like training, where you rather sleep in, then get up to get your session done before work. Training sessions that just suck a little and aren't as fun and enjoyable. What do you do?? 

Know your WHY! 

Set some goals! 

What do I mean by ‘know you WHY’? Whats the reason you are doing this for? What is driving you? It relates to my second point of setting goals, but this one is a little bit emotional driven.  

Let’s say you are a parent of younger children and your doctor has just told you that you borderline obese and in risk of developing chronic diseases. If you don't change now, not only are you very likely to be dying 10-20 years earlier, but your quality of life will be reduced. Or just the inability to play and run with your children because your fitness level is close to none and you cant move pain free. To see you children grow up, to be able to be actively involved in their life and have fun is unfortunately not something everybody gets to experience. 

I have been sitting here trying to find the best way to articulate my own WHY to why I train. And I have come to a few point I will share with you and hope it will make sense to you all. 

I have come to realise that I like hard work. As a young teenager I not only helped my dad look after my younger siblings, run the household to be best of my ability and find myself my first job after school and on weekends - all in between training 6 days a week. I didn't realise it then, but this time set and thought me a lot for the years coming. Hard work pays off, eventually. Hard and consistent work, especially in the gym is very rewarding as you can see and feel your hard work pay off. You see your numbers improve and or being able to lift more reps over time on the same exercise. As well as you get pretty quick feedback to doing the ‘wrong things’ or things not working out. You can reassess, use the feedback to learn from it and better yourself. Maybe hard work not always the best answer in life, but in the gym it certainly pays off and this gives me confidence and trust within myself for other areas in my life.  

The gym or in general training is just a smaller version or example of life for myself. You can experiment and play, you can learn and apply that knowledge. Training has taught be a lot about myself, been a save escape from big life events and given me space and time to just focus on one thing. The self confidence I have gained over the past few years by getting stronger have transferred and translated into other areas and overall I am holding myself very differently then I have in the past. I know the grind and pushing through painful training sessions have helped me to push through those more challenging periods in life. I know I can endure bigger and harder moments because of the sense of self reliance, that training has thought me as well. Life exposes and throws challenges at you, in some way I am preparing for these by pushing myself every training session, by doing something I am uncomfortable doing, or I am scared off! For me that can mean attempting a personal best, doing boring exercises I don't enjoy doing or training when I don't feel like it. TRAINING AS PREPARATION FOR LIFE. 

Set yourself some long term and short term goals!  

Take some time and break your big goal down. Sometimes it can be a little scary having a massive goal that you want to achieve over the next year. Thats a long time as well. But if tiny break that down into a six month goal, and direct it even further it becomes a lot more exciting then scary. Pick two or three things that you can tick of on a daily basis that will get you closer to that goal. That may be hitting your proteins target, going to bed by 10pm and moving in some shape or form. Now what can you do every week to achieve your big goal? That may be pre planning your lunches or meal prepping your dinners or getting 4x to the gym. 

What is realistic to be achieved in a month? It may be loosing 2-4% body fat, or increasing your big compound lifts by 5kg. 

Sense of accomplishments breads success. Celebrate theses small achievements! Give yourself a pat on the back and be proud of being that little bit closer to your goal then you have been! Once you have goals you are chasing, no matter how small, you will find you are that little bit more motivated and less likely to let yourself down - you want to achieve you big goal - it starts by ticking off one training session or one meal at a time off.

xx Coach Jaq 

Jacqueline Chmura

And sometimes you just simply suck it up and get it done! Sometimes none of this will help but you will be in such a habit of doing these small little things day in day out, that you get it done anyway! 

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