Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter

August 2014 I was at the peak of my game being in a top premiership open AFL women’s team and a surf boat rower when all my dreams of becoming a professional AFL player was shattered after I tore my ACL.

I had to have a full knee reco and was out for 9-12 months of any kind of physical activity. This was the most depressing time of my life, I was mentally and emotionally depressed and had put on 20kg.

This ruined me as I was so physically active and fit and suddenly had to stop everything. A friend reached out to me when she saw I was in need and took me to a few boxing classes run by Lauryn Eagle in early March of 2015.

I was extremely withdrawn from social life as I was ashamed of what I had become and didn’t want to embarrass my friends and not putting my self out there to be surrounded by them was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make. But looking back now I was stupid as all my friends said they don’t care what I look like and I’m a idiot for even thinking like that.

The bug for physically activity and competition was back and suddenly 7 months post surgery I was back training and loving life. I lost all the weight I had put on and was training 10 times a week. I no longer wanted to continue AFL and surfboats and dedicated all my time, love and passion to boxing, to the point I was recently traveling 1hr for a session 2x3 times a day 6 days a week.

I had many people doubt me and too this day still do, but I know I can do it and my support team is one in a million!

I can honestly and openly say if it wasn’t for boxing, my previous coach Lauryn, support from my friends and family I don’t know what would have happened, they all saved my life. Fast track 3.5 years later I’m now currently in training camp under a new coach for upcoming State Amateur Champs and National Amateur Champs later this year and finally going to smash out my goal.

I was told to pick a quote at the beginning of my journey and use that as fuel; my quote which still stands is “Mind/Matter” and I even got it tattooed on my to remind me on how far I have come and to not give up no matter what my mind says.
- Bronte

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