About BAM Active


Three powerful words that begin to describe what BAM Active is all about.

  • We want you to BELIEVE in yourself. Believe that you can conquer anything you put your mind to. Believe that you are Strong and Beautiful. Believe that above what anybody may say, only you decide your happiness and your future. 
  • AIM as high as you can. Know there is no challenge too great if you choose to Aim for it. Aim for self love and happiness. 
  • MOVE, move your body to help you find all that matters to you. Move to a healthy lifestyle and feel what your body and mind are capable of. Know that you can Move mountains if you push yourself hard enough, if you want if hard enough. And make sure when you Move, you do it all for YOU.
BAM Active isn’t just a clothing label. We are a voice for everyone, a voice to show you that YOU are beautiful. We want women to be able to embrace their bodies, however they may look, to embrace their marks or spots that may otherwise be classed as  “imperfections”, and to embrace your look and your style.

We want you to live a life that is not a competition over who can look and feel the best. As long as YOU look and feel good, THAT is ALL that matters.

So here at BAM Active we are going to try our best to help you find your own self love through blogs on fitness, beauty, healthy living and body struggles (and any other subject you want to talk about), because we are here to listen and we are here to help.

Our owners Adriarn Reynolds and Donna Beazley are very passionate about empowering women and finding self love. Both are working mums and have worked in the corporate world for a very long time. They Believe about having great active wear in all sizes, for all women that is practical and functional.
So let us all stand together. Let us all lift each other up. Let us all encourage each other and lend a helping hand when one needs one. Let’s empower each other.

Most importantly, lets ALL find self love. 
Empowered Women Empower Women!
BAM Active xo.